Make your blue eyes look more blue and bigger!

Make your blue eyes look more blue and bigger!

Ladies, I broke a big rule today: I took and am posting my first selfie. I have sworn off taking a selfies as long as I can remember, but today I made a change because my little sisters have asked me what I do to make my blue eyes look bigger and bluer. So, I’ve decided to take matters “into my own hands” and point the camera directly at me!


Sure, I was born with kind of big, blue eyes, but over the years of maturing and buying hundreds of beauty products, you learn a thing or two about how to enhance your best features and you make some horrible make-up mistakes along the way…we’ve all be there, right? I don’t really follow any make-up YouTubers or Instagram accounts that show you the latest and top-trending techniques, but I do have a few tips up my sleeves.


Whoever said blue eye shadow is lame, probably didn’t have blue eyes. Blue and purple-blue eye shadows can dramatically enhance the color of blue eyes – just try not and overdo it. Here’s what you do. Brush some subtle blue shadow in the crease of your eyelid, line the bottom of your lids with a blue eyeliner (I like a medium or slightly darker blue or a blue-green), then use the same liner to extend a very small wing from the end of your eye lid. Next, coat your eyelashes with at least two coats of mascara; apply once, wait one minute so it slightly dries and then the reapply again – don’t forget your bottom lashes.


Finally, highlight your brow bone and the inner part of your eyelid. I guarantee you will see a difference in the vibrancy and intensity of your blue eyes and they will open them up too! Ok, but I have another game-changing tip to make your eyes look more blue without having to spend money: WEAR BLUE! It may seem simple, but I’m telling you – it works.


I hope you found my beauty tips helpful :)